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Yes, I won the day one of IPL! You maybe thinking how one can win IPL…

IPL Updates!

I will tell you how I won. Myself and couple of my team mates selected 11 players out of 4 teams that were playing yesterday. We set the following rules:

1. each run scored by a player in our team will get you 1 point
2. each four will get 2 bonus points
3. each six will get 3 bonus points
4. each wicket will get you 20 points
5. catches will fetch 5 points
6. wicket keeper catches will get you any points
7. for stumpings 5 points
8. for run outs 5 points
9. hatricks will get 30 bonus points
10. if a player scores a fifty 5 bonus points
11. if a player scores a century 10 bonus points
12. six sixers in a over will get 50 bonus points

With the above rules we played this fantasy cricket. My colleagues teams were almost same and mine was bit different.

Now you maybe thinking which are the players that I had my colleagues did not had…


I got aound 300 points!

If you want to enjoy and join the excitement, everyday post a team as comment everyday and see how much you score and see if you wins!!

Cricket News Updates!


The web page’s URL plays an important role in SEO, so the URL structures should be well thought through. Below I have tried to put together some of the URL related key things for SEO and have tried to illustrate them with the help of some examples. As we all know a page can appear at top positions in Search Engine Result Page for multiple reasons (and their combinations) including (but not limited to) pagerank, page title, meta tags, SE friendly URL structure, content of the page, usage of heading tags etc., so the examples below are just to illustrate the points mentioned and should not be looked as conclusive reason for them appearing on top positions in SERPs.

1.  The URL should have important keywords of the given page
– E.g. 1
The pagerank of the above page is only 3 still in Google it appears as 3rd result for query ‘rab ne banadi jodi’. The main reason could be keywords in the URL
– E.g. 2
The above page appears as 4th result in Yahoo! Search for query ‘more than parathas’. Notice the proper use of keywords in the URL. ‘Bangalore’ is used as sub-domain which gives some points and then other keywords are also there in the URL.

2. The URL should be as short as possible
– E.g. 1
In Yahoo! India Search the above page appears as 2nd result for query ‘tabdoor bangalore’. Notice that the URL is very short even though it requires passing of page number and sorting order in the URL.

3. The keywords in the URL should be separated by hyphens or underscores
– E.g. 1
In Google the above page appears as 6th result for query ‘koramangala bangalore’. Note that main keywords are in the URL and also keywords are separated by hyphen.

4. The domain name should match with the key content of your site
– E.g. 1
The above page appears as 1st result in Google for query ‘Indian Television’. Note that the query exactly matches with the domain name.
– E.g. 2
The above page appears as 2nd result in Google for query ‘karnataka news’. Note that the query exactly matches with the domain name. Also notice that the pagerank of this page is also not that great and also look at the cached version you will not find text ‘karnataka news’ anywhere on the page but still this page appears as 2nd link in Google. So it looks like keywords as domain name can do magics.

5. Keywords should be put in the front portion of the URL
– E.g. 1
In Google the above page appears as 5th result for query ‘tandoor bangalore’. This maybe because it has both Bangalore and Tandoor in the URL and all the keywords are placed before the lengthy id and other info which is needed to fetch the listing.
– E.g. 2
In Google the above page appears as 2nd result and appears as 3rd result for query ‘
bangalore weather’. If you see (2nd result) pagerank is 4 and (3rd result) pagerank is 6, so the only reason I see for this is ordering is has keyword ‘bangalore’ more closer to domain name than

Please contribute more points to the above list and correct me if I am wrong somewhere.

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My today’s blog is about my experiences with Star Bazaar in Koramangala, Bangalore.

First things first, if you don’t know where this Bazaar is, it is close to Forum Mall on Hosur Road, Bangalore. Click here for full address, phone number, map and many other details of Star Bazaar. And click here for more articles about Star Bazaar.

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What they sell?
Star Bazaar of Koramangala is of 3 sections. Ground floor is food bazaar where you will find all the provision items for your kitchen. The first floor is mix of apparels, footwear, books, CDs, and toys. The second floor is croma.

Food bazaar’s review:
It is a huge space that has all the items you will need for your daily use. Specialty of this food bazaar is in addition to dry items they have a huge space allocated for fresh vegetables. The collection of vegetables is great, they have all the regular vegetables and some rare vegetables as well and they call it ‘exotic vegetables’! And prices are nominal. Only drawback is many items they in high quantity only, it means small families will find it bit difficult!

Meat stall’s review:
On the ground floor they have a big meat stall and they sell chicken, mutton and pork. The stall is not a advisable for people who have objection to pork, because they sell it here.

Fast food and bakery review:
Star bazaar has decent sized fast food and bakery. The items available here includes mutton biryani, chicken biryani, tandoori chicken, veg., biryani, paratha, chola, salads, sandwiches, cakes etc., I tried biryani and tandoori chicken here and found biryani useless and tandoori was decent. Long back I also tried sandwiches, burgers and vegetable salads and found them good.

Apparels and footwear review:
At Star bazaar they sell apparels for kids, gents and ladies. And they sell all type of clothes including casuals, night wears, semi-formals, formals, jeans, t-shirts etc., The prices are not bad. They have a decent collection formal and casual shoes and sandals. The formal shoes price starts from Rs. 199!!

Toy’s section review:
Toys I found very costly. Though they have decent collection it is not satisfactory. I will not recommend Star Bazaar for toys.

Books / CDs review:
If your shopping is exclusively about buying books and CDs, Star Bazaar is not a great place. But good enough if you want to buy just one or two things along with other shopping.

Croma’s review:
Expect a huge collection of household electronics and mobiles. Items here are not very cheap but not very costly also. But the variety you get here is super!

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Name: F&B. I don’t know whats the correct full form of this. On their business card it is given as, on one of their board it is written as friends & bachoos, and on another board it is written as food & beverages. But me and everyone I know refer this restaurant as f&b thats it!

Address: F&B, Papanna Street, off St. Marks Road, near Hotel Nahar Heritage, Bangalore – 560001.

Phone: 91-80-40333888


I have been here couple of times and both the times I liked the quality of food. The service was not great but it is not stopping me from going there… even while writing this blog I am planning to go there… maybe next weekend.

Both the times I went their for weekdays (Monday to Saturday) buffet (checkout other buffet options in bangalore). They charge Rs. 400 (including tax). Here the buffet is bit different, you will not find traditional tables where all the eateries are displayed. Yes, even though its a buffet you cannot go and pick your food. Don’t worry, you can order your food and it will be delivered on your table. I can call it ala cart buffet.

Confused?? The system is like this – Book your table, go to restaurant, take your seat, ask for menu, you will find all the items including starters, main course, desserts but no price will be mentioned against it, now keep ordering for whatever you want and as many times as you want, everything will be delivered on your table, enjoy the food, and finally pay flat Rs.400 (including all the taxes). This is good and different right?

Some more plus points of this restaurant are:
– The variety: They serve many kind of seafood, they serve at least 4 types of chicken, they also serve lamb and in main course they have steam rice, fried rice, chicken biryani and noodles too!

– The ambiance: The ambiance is comparable with any top class restaurant of the town (checkout other restaurant options in Bangalore).

– Kids zone: If you think taking kids to restaurants does not allows you to have your lunch peacefully… that is not a issue too, they have a small kids zone with toys that I think will keep kids busy for at the least 30 minutes.

The only thing that I did not liked about F&B is their service at times they take extremely long time to serve things which spoils the whole mood. So my advice is keep lot of time if you want to enjoy your lunch!


F&B, Bangalore

F&B, Bangalore

If you have already been to F&B, please contribute to this blog by maybe writing your experiences with the restaurant or maybe you can recommend a dish!

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I am using Google Chrome as my primary browser for more than two months now. I liked this browser and thats why I am using it as my first choice browser! I thought I should share my experience of this new browser.

Well, I installed Chrome on my laptop two months backand soon it became my browser of choice! So I took a moment to ask myself why am I using this new browser is it really that great. The answer was NO! But still I use it. So I spent one more minute thinking if it is not really out standing then why my fingers automatically goes towards Google Chrome icon whenever I need a browser. The answer was simple, Chrome has few cool features and a cool design. In following paragraphs I will write about Chrome’s cool things as well few things that are irritating and if not fixed quickly I may stop using it!!

The speed – The speed is really good. Much better than IE and more or less same when compared to Firefox. But good thing is Chrome does not have any toolbars so first time browser loading is extremely fast.

Lot of space – The real estate is very well managed. There are no toolbars, there is no menu bar (menu appears on clicking of a button which does not occupies much space), ctrl+f takes only the amount of space it really needs (though the placement of find box is not something we are used to) and same is true with loading / connecting statuses (though sometimes I am not happy as I am not able to see the full URL).

Home with thumbnails – This is great! I don’t have to type the site’s name that I use everyday. One disadvantage I see in this feature is privacy! If I open browser in front of anyone they will easily know what I browse frequently and this is something I am not comfortable with!

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Search in address bar – When you start typing characters in the address bar generally we see the list from our browsing history. But Chrome shows / suggests us other websites too… based on the popularity!

Find highlights all the occasions – Definitely the find option is much any other browser. When I search for something it highlights all the occasions of the search term and also tells me about number of times the searched term is there on the page. Though its not very big enhancement it adds lot of value!

Problem side of Chrome:

The speed – The speed can be improved!

No dictionary – This is the most important thing that makes me go back to Firefox. Currently to write this blog I am using Chrome, but every second I am missing the spell correction feature! I am afraid how Google missed on such an important feature!!

Download – The download system is not easy to use and very confusing. Tracking my downloads is not easy in Chrome as compared to Firefox. I think Google should not have reinvented wheel as far as download flow is concerned!

Closing of multi tabs – When I have multiple tabs open and if I try closing the browser as a whole, the browser must ask me whether I really want to do this. This must be a simple fix… Goolgle please fix this ASAP!

Set wallpaper (find lots of quality wallpapers download links for free)- Image context menu does not have one important option that I frequently use, i.e. option to set an image as wallpaper / background. If this is deliberate please do some research I am sure tons of users use this option!

Not able to see full link address – This I covered earlier also. While saving of real estate is good, not showing the full URL is extremely bad!!

That is all I am able to think from top of my mind. Feel free to write your comments (comments form is all yours ;-)). I think this is the only way we can make this browser better.


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Undoubtedly most popular mall of Bangalore city. There cannot be a single person who does not know Forum!

Forum Mall

Forum Mall

Well why it is so popular?? Whats so special about this mall? What is there inside Forum? Let me cover all of these questions!

It has almost everything that a typical Indian shopper will look for… including food, dressing, shoes, mobile and what not! Best thing about Forum is, if you don’t get what you are looking for… you will always find it somewhere close to Forum!! My challenge, at least food lovers will not be disappointed here… there is Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, KFC and a food court if you are not okay with any of these brands!

Forum Mall

Forum Mall

Inside Forum:

Landmark: One of the most popular and customer friendly chain. Wanna buy watches? or books? or toys? or CDs and DVDs or anything of this type? this should be your shop of choice and Forum has one. Forum has one of the biggest Landmark shop spread through 2 floors!

Landmark inside Forum Mall

Landmark inside Forum Mall

Pizza Hut: We all know let it be your kid’s birthday or delicious pizza… Pizza Hut should be the destination of choice! Again Forum has one of the very big outlet of Pizza Hut! It’s open till 10.30 PM maybe little late also! If you are not Pizza Hut fan… no issues you have Pizza Corner just in front of Koramangala side entrance of Forum.

Pizza Hut inside Forum Mall

Pizza Hut inside Forum Mall

Sangeetha Mobile: One of the most trustworthy mobile store chain of India. You can find one in Forum. By any chance If you don’t get the kinda phone that you’re looking for… no worries… you have The Mobile Store at the corner of 80 feet Road which is so close to Forum again!

Supermarket: There is a supermarket in the ground floor of this mall. This supermarket has wide variety of fruits, vegetables and monthly provision items. If you don’t find this supermarket useful… you have Tata’s Star Bazaar, Pantaloon’s Big Bazaar, Food World, and ‘Monday to Sunday’ all in 50 to 100 meters’ radius!

PVR: For cinema lovers this is the best place in the Bangalore city! PVR in Forum mall has 11 screens that runs hollywood, bollywood and regional language movies. Other popular multiplex of Bangalore include INOX and Lido.

Other popular brands at Forum Mall include Mochi, Westside, Zodiac, and ‘United Colors of Benetton’ etc.,

United Colors of Benetton inside Forum Mall

United Colors of Benetton inside Forum Mall

Some more facts about Forum Mall:

The area of this fabulous mall is 6.50.000 sq. ft. and it has four levels. In weekdays 40,000 people get into this mall and in weekends at least 60,000 people enter Forum! It has six floor parking facility which is not common in Bangalore.


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I know a bit about food and restaurants in Chennai, India. So I thought I should write a blog on that!

Anjappar – Authentic Chettinad Restaurant:

I have been here several times and I was never disappointed by the quality of food and service. Good place only if you are a non-vegetarian (veggies stay away!). One of the not to miss item is Kaadai (a bird). Ambiance is average but they keep playing some good music. Always a bit full so its better to book before going. They have several branches, the one off the Nungambakkam High Road is extremely good!

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Safari – Typical Muslim Food Restaurant:

This is a small restaurant located at the Royapettah Hospital signal. Though the ambiance is not great they maintain it neat and clean and there is a a/c hall too. Again you must be a non-vegetarian to enjoy the food here. Not to miss items include mutton kurma with paratha or pepper paya with paratha. You can also try mutton biryani!

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Yadgaar – Economical Non-Veg Restaurant:

This restaurant is located at a very prime location. It is in the compound of Devi multiplex which is in the heart of mount road which is a most important road of Chennai city. Items that are good here includes (but not limited to) mutton biryani, chicken biryani and afternoon meals. Not a great ambiance again but not a bad place too. Not a good pick if you are planning to take your friends or colleagues for a treat, but for a individual or couple not a bad option!

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Hotel Topsee – L.B. Road Adyar, Chennai:

I been here 3 to 4 times so I think I am eligible for writing review of it 😉 Not ready to shell out lot of money still want to have nice dinner?? Then this is the place. The food here is not outstanding or anything like that but definitely a very decent restaurant in and around Adyar. They have car and bike parking facility. Sorry but again recommended only for non-veggies!

The above list is the flavor of Chennai, meaning the restaurants and cuisine that surely belongs to Tamil Nadu. Chennai also has all the regular chains like Chicking, Pizza Hut, Dominos, McD… what not!!

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